Dr Rangika Lakmini Kalu Appulage

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

General Practitioner


As a seasoned General Practitioner hailing from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, Dr Rangika bring over six years of dedicated experience in the field of medicine. Fluent in both Sinhala and English, she is able to establish strong connections with a diverse range of patients, ensuring effective communication and understanding.

Her journey in the medical profession began in 2009 when she graduated from I P Pavlov Medical University in Russia. Equipped with a solid foundation in medicine, She has since committed herself to the well-being of individuals through her role as a General Practitioner.

Dr. Rangika has a particular interest in Child and Adolescent Health, recognizing the unique healthcare needs of this demographic. This passion extends to a broader focus on General Medicine, where she continuously seeks to enhance her knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive and compassionate care.

Beyond the examination room, She is deeply committed to fostering positive doctor-patient relationships. Dr. Rangika believes in a holistic approach to medicine, addressing not only the physical aspects of health but also considering the emotional and social well-being of my patients.

Her dedication to the medical profession goes beyond the routine of daily practice. She is excited about contributing her skills to healthcare initiatives that promote overall well-being.

Special Interests

  • Child Health
  • Adolescent Health
  • Women Health

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