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Wyndham House Clinic follows Good Medicine Practice guidelines by reccommending that you book an appointment to obtain your results. This ensures that appropriate follow up is done.

If your doctor has advised you to phone for results you are able to call between 10am & 4pm on weekdays.
The actual result cannot be obtained however you will be advised if your doctor needs to see you for further investgation.
Remember that you must make an appointment with your doctor if you have questions at all about your results.

Pathology or Imaging results are usually available 2 - 3 days after your tests have been performed or at times the doctor may recieve a letter from your Specialist that they wish to discuss.
If the Doctor needs to discuss these results you will receive an SMS Health Message via HotDoc.
From this ap you can book a "results" appointment with your doctor over the coming few weeks.
if you do not have a mobile number on file you will recieve a phone call to request you to make a follow up appointment.

Note: While we make every effort to contact you if your results are abnormal, this is sometimes difficult if people move, change phone numbers or are away from home for extended periods. Please ensure your contact details are up-to-date so we can ensure the best follow-up care.

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