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Dr Shiromali Ekananayake

M.B., B.S., F.R.A.C.G.P.

Dr Shiro was born on a beautiful island most famous for Ceylon tea known as Sri Lanka. She graduated from NCMC with honours, a well-regarded medical school in Sri Lanka.

After a phone call with a good friend who spoke highly of living in Australia, Dr Shiro migrated in 2005, settling in Shepparton with her two young children and supportive husband, Sudath.

Once in Australia, Shiro enrolled in a postgraduate course specialising in psychiatry and worked at GV Health in the emergency department, medical wards and surgical wards as a medical registrar. In 2008 she joined the team at Wyndham House Clinic.

Dr Shiro speaks Sinhalese and her special interests include:

Dr. Shiro’s future ambitions are to qualify in skin cancer prevention and management, and involve herself in the community as a preventive care medicine practitioner.

Dr Ekanayake’s has an altruistic nature and enjoys helping people, striving to provide the best possible care. Her hobbies include, spending time with her family, music, creative work, fashion and colour.

Phone: 03 5820 3400|Fax: 03 5821 5920|Address: 96 Maude Street, Shepparton, 3630, Victoria|Email: